IJ start canon Instruction and Download

For More complete instruction and download please visit the official link below

How to establish a Wi-Fi connection on your Canon printer

Your printer must be properly connected to Wi-Fi before accessing ij.start.cannon. Therefore, see the full proof steps below:

  • The first step is to go to ij.start.cannon. This is Canon’s official website and secure platform where you can easily download Canon printer drivers. So to get started, open a compatible and highly secure web browser. Type ij.start.cannon correctly in the address bar, and pressing the Enter key will take you directly to the Canon homepage.

  • To begin the printer driver download process, click the Settings tab and the product name window will appear on the screen. Because Canon recommends other software for your particular printer model, you must specify the model number by entering it in the search field. Click the “Go” button and the product download window will appear on the screen.

  • To make sure that the driver you are about to download is compatible with your operating system, you must select one of the operating system versions. Therefore, go to the OS field located in the upper right corner and select the appropriate operating system. You will see the “Download” button in the center of the screen, click on it for a quick and easy download.

  • Depending on your Wi-Fi speed, the driver will download in minutes. In addition, it is not recommended to switch between different monitors, as this may cause software loading problems. When the loading processing is complete, move on to the next step of setting up ij.start.cannon.

Step -by -step instructions for installing the printer driver

Here is a simple, detailed and complete printer driver installation procedure to install usa.canon.com:

  • If you have not set a file location, you only need to access your downloads folder to run the file you downloaded. Double -click the ij.start.cannon installation file and click Run to quickly extract the file.

  • The Canon Main Driver Installation Interface will be displayed on your screen. Before proceeding to the next page, check the language you will be using for the printer management software. So, to edit it, click on the “Languages” tab and it will show all the available options. Choose a language you understand well and then click “Next” on the main screen.

  • You now need to set up a connection between the printer and the computer. To do this, you can select a USB connection or a wireless connection method. When the printer is successfully linked, you just need to select your printer. Depending on your printer model, a list of drivers and other additional software will be displayed.

  • Select the checkboxes for the desired software package. Also, you should have enough space to download the printer driver. If you do not have enough space on your computer, remove some unwanted programs from your system. Now click Next and go to ij.start.canon settings.

  • The license agreement window will appear on the screen. You should read each statement in this document to avoid problems in the future. To give your consent to the license agreement, you must select Yes. This will immediately begin the installation of the selected drivers and additional software.

  • After the driver installation is complete, you can test the operation of your printer by printing a page. To do this, there must be several A4 pages in the printer tray. Then click the Power button and your printer will print the page quickly. This completes the installation of the driver using ij.start.cannon.